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2002 Cavalier rear defrost problems

Old  January 11th, 2007, 2:45 AM
2002 Cavalier rear defrost problems

I have a 2002 cavalier that the rear defrost has suddenly stopped working. The light comes on inside the car to indicate that it is on but it does not appear to work. I have checked the fuse and it was not blown. Any help with this is needed.....Thanks

Old  January 11th, 2007, 6:37 PM
RE: 2002 Cavalier rear defrost problems

check the connections at the back winodw to make sure they are plugged in all the way and dont have corrosion on them
if u have a volt meter check for power at them also
u will only get power to one side
the other side is ground
not sure which is which tho

Old  December 8th, 2011, 8:26 AM
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It may also be a burned out connection in the harness from the front to the rear. Check under the dash near the hood release and there will be connection point of a few harnesses. If it is burned out the plastic connectors will be black and/or burned and melted. I have had this happen on 2 of my cavaliers. I just cut free from the wires from each side of the harness (melted together) and added a jumper wire the same gauge.

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danker was right

ive been smelling a burnt plastic smell only when the rear defroster was on for a few weeks. after reading the forum i found that dankers answer to the problem was the same as mine... gees thanks i was going to tear out the entire dash looking for the problem. i found that the burn connecter was just under the carpet on the drivers side next to the hood latch, and holly fire haserd batman it had dripped melted plastic all over the place and left a big hole in the connecter.

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