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Fuel pump

Old  May 23rd, 2007, 7:54 PM
Fuel pump

I have a 2000 Cavalier that has just been quitting on me. Acts like it runs out of gas. I had the in line filter changed, but it is still doing this. Could it be the fuel pump? Has anyone replaces a fuel pump? Is it extremely difficult. I know it is in the gas tank. My husband is thinking about doing it himself. Any advice. Thanks

Old  May 23rd, 2007, 10:04 PM
RE: Fuel pump

If it were the fuel pump, there is an access panel under the back seat. That will make it alot easier then taking off the fuel tank. It is an easy job. But i would check your fuel injectors first. Its cheaper.

Old  May 23rd, 2007, 10:16 PM
RE: Fuel pump

Thanks, We have found ifwe bang on the bottom of the fuel tank, then the car starts! That makes us think that it may be either the fuel pump or a filter. Do all cavaliers have the access door under the back seat? Should the tank be drained first?

Old  May 24th, 2007, 10:07 PM
RE: Fuel pump

Well I would replace the fuel filter first, because thats only a $10 part. If that doesnt work the fuel pump is deff the problem. You shouldnt have to drain the tank, just make sure its not full. The pump sits at the top of the tank. And yes im pretty sure all the cavaliers have the access panel. It would be rediculous if we had to pull the tanks just to change a fuel pump.

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RE: Fuel pump

I agree with ruffrider285, change the fuel filter first. It's a good thing to do anyway... just have lots of rags on hand to soak up the extra fuel.

Jack up the back of the car, the fuel filter is a round can in front of the rear axle. It's got a quick-disconnect fitting on one end (green clip comes out first) then the threaded end. The threaded end is usually a pain in the butt if nice and rusty, as they usually are after 5 or more years. Soak it in PB Blaster or another rust penetrant for a while before you try and crack it free. Use the right open-end box wrench on it... not an adjustable one, you WILL strip it out.... then you need to cut and splice lines which is not fun. When you take the filter out, drain it into a clear mason jar so you can see how dirty the filter was... it will probably drain out nice and black

Oh, and go to a GM dealer and buy an OEM Delco fuel filter. Don't use the Fram garbage. Trust me

When diagnosing the fuel pump... when you first turn the key to ON (but not start), you should be able to hear the pump "prime" for 3 seconds or so and shut off. If you're not hearing that... then the pump is dead. These pumps don't come back from the dead... so if you're able to start it after a while, that's probably not the issue.

Oh, and BTW... there are no access panels on Cavaliers.... at least, not the third gen (95-05). Only the larger GM cars have an access panel. You do have to drop the tank... and it's a pain if there's more than a little fuel in it. It has to come out at an angle.... and the whole fuel assembly with sender and float are one component... you can't easily change JUST the pump. Unless you want to do a little upgrading for a high hp application, and are swapping the fuel pump itself for a Blazer or other high-flow pump... but that's beyond the scope of this post

Two more things to check... because I've had this happen to me too.... the fuse in the dash panel, and the relay under the hood. Check them both for corrosion on the terminals. Clean 'em up with a little steel wool and you might fix it

One more thing I forgot.... there's a recall in some areas for the level sender... it reads 1/4 tank when it's really at empty... some fuel additives can corrode the silver terminals on the level sender. I died on the highway with 1/4 tank... not good! I know it's a recall in BC and Ontario... not sure where else. A good reason not to use ANY fuel additives!!


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RE: Fuel pump

I am having the exact same problem but with my 95. I changed the fuel filter and fuel pump, which was a pain, but it still does the same thing. Drives great and then just quits. Wait awhile and it will drive great again for awhile and then just quits. What fuse did you check in the dash panel and what relay switch. I did not do that. Another suggestion came back to check the crank sensor. Know anything about that? My mechanic is even at a loss as to what to do.

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RE: Fuel pump


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RE: Fuel pump

Hi all, I have the same symptoms you have described in your post. Car runs great and then quits, leave sitting for some time and runs again.

I hope you have you problem resolved, if so, can you tell me what part you replaced to get your car back on the road again?

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RE: Fuel pump

When your car quits and won't restart, is there spark at the spark plug wires? is there fuel pressure? are the injectors firing?
A lot of symptoms can be similar with a lot of different problems so a little diagnosing on your end can help us lead you in the right direction

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Please help me!!!

I have a cavalier 1993 3.1 fuel ijecttion. my problem started with the car dieing driving down the street the car it lost power and the (abs) and check engine light came on, then it wouldn't start no more. so we got it home and checked if the fuel was getting to the fuel injector and it wasn't so we replaced the fuel filter.Sometimes it would start and u could even drive it around the block , then it started it again so we replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter again. "it still wouldn't start".So I read my chilten sevral times and everything was looking like it was everything that I had already replaced or checked. Then I checked the fuses and replaced the fuel relay which is under the left side of the hood , at this point it would start but not run. So, I thought it just needed to keep trying to start it annd it would eventually turn over or push the crude out. "IT DIDN'T" I'm a single mom and got every upset with ther car and started tapping on all the fuses and wireing that I could see, and then went into the house. A week later I had to move the car and so I thought I would try and start it first before pushing it, it started! I drove it to my drive way then it died again. so I kept starting it up and it would start and run for ever till I was almost out of gas, but when I drove it down to the station it died sevearl times and the station is less than a mile. When the car is in park and u get it up in rpm's it doesn't die only when u drive it . Please give me some feed back. and I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place this is my first time on this site and I'm pc DUMB!
When your car quits and won't restart, is there spark at the spark plug wires? is there fuel pressure? are the injectors firing?
A lot of symptoms can be similar with a lot of different problems so a little diagnosing on your end can help us lead you in the right direction

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