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Major problems with my 2011 Cruze

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July 29th, 2016, 9:51 AM   #61  

I purchased my 2011 Chevy Cruze (LTZ) as a certified car in July 2013 (before working for the dealership). I didn't have many issues the first year and half. In 2015 i started noticing the car would lag (accelerate very poorly which almost cost me a few accidents, and the fan constantly runs to try and cool down the transmission) and I'd get a warning light was when i was on the highway and i got "TRANSMISSION HOT/IDLE ENGINE". I freaked out and slowed down on the highway until the light went away, had to turn off the A/C on a hot June day in Chicago. I took it into my dealership (which i currently work at) and they said it was a coolant leak just like everyone else on here that has brought it in. So they "fixed" it and it happened to me a few months later again. This time i contacted a family friend who owns a mechanic store as i received the same warning light AND engine light came on. So he towed my car in and also said to give it to the dealership since i have extended warranty as the transmission is designed poorly and under powered that would give me that information. Which would make sense as when i am driving longer distances on the highway (with or without A/C and in hot weather) this is when these issues arise. And yes, i frequently travel on the highway. So i need a reliable safe vehicle for this. Which shouldn't even be a debate. So that occurred late summer of 2015. Obviously fall and winter in Chicago wasn't a problem for the car as it the weather was cold. Fast forwarding to June 2016 which was right around the same time as the first time this occurred i was on the highway with my sister going to my grandpa's one year memorial service, and again. My warning light came on. I slowed down and turned off a/c and opened all the windows to let the car cool down. And of course after a few minutes the indication went away. I took my car in to my partnering dealership and they said it was something small with the the coolant...again. OK so i got the car back in a few days. Then i go to Wisconsin (Baraboo) for 2 days. Less than an hour going up north from Chicago i received the same warning light. I was following another car to get up there and had to call them to tell them about my issue and we had to slow down. It happened once more before we reached our destination which was a 3 hour drive. I was infuriated as i called my service adviser and very calmly said i will bring my car back first thing Monday morning as i'm experiencing the same issues. Driving up there i drove alone while tailgating another car. Coming back, one friend was coming home with me as we live in the same direction. Happened once more coming back to Chicago and I have a witness (car also jerked and very poorly accelerated). Keep in mind i take pictures of each time my issue occurs for reference and evidence. I also include the time and date with each picture. So i drop it off Monday to the same dealership. I also start contacting Chevy corporation at this point. I find this all ridiculous that no one can find the issue. At this time i was suppose to leave for Texas the following day (Tuesday) and yes, it would be a 15 hour drive to Dallas Texas. I got the car back Wednesday with a statement and receipt saying they haven't found anything and to "keep an eye" on it. That is not my job. To keep an eye on a vehicle i don't feel safe driving and that clearly has issues. Ridiculous. So driving to Texas my warning sign "transmission hot/idle engine" came on once ( the car jerked when going up slopes and barely accelerated, also my cruise control would turn itself off). Took a picture. Coming back it happened twice. Also took a picture. I couldn't make it in back to the dealership til a week later which at this point Chevy called back saying that they called the dealership and was told everything was taken care of which i responded no, everything is not alright. I haven't had the time to take it in and will be doing so in a few days. As i'm infuriated with the incompetence of my OWN dealership and Chevy Corporation. They kept my car for 9 days. They test drove my car 3x and finally once they were able to receive the same message i would get on my MID screen. Which I've told them under certain conditions does this happen. It has to be hot outside. You have to drive the car longer than an hour. However when they got the car back and hooked it up to their computer they couldn't find anything wrong so they gave the car back to me and said my extended warranty and Chevy cant do anything for me as their computer doesn't read any problems. THERE IS A DEFINITE PROBLEM WITH THE CAR. I complained to Corporate and i found help from a lawyer at this point. CHEVY KNOWS THEIR TRANSMISSIONS are designed poorly and under powered. I am driving an UNSAFE VEHICLE and if by chance something happens to me with Chevy and the dealership ( and my extended warranty) knowing VERY WELL about my issue it will be them that has to answer to my lawyers. This is beyond ridiculous as there haven't been anything done for me. AND I WORK FOR THE DEALERSHIP FAMILY. I'm not saying i need special treatment but how dare they brush me off and not help me with ANYTHING or give me any COMPENSATION for CHEVY's DEFECTIVE VEHICLE!!! I currently have taken the car at another Chevy dealership in my area and I am waiting to hear their response. I will be collecting all of my information and i will be talking to Chevy Corporation AGAIN about this.

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January 14th, 2017, 11:31 PM   #62  
Sometimes the leak is as simple as this little guy here

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January 19th, 2017, 1:06 PM   #63  
I have a 2011 Cruze and I have had so much trouble over the past 5 years. My problem is now that my engine powers down and service ESP AND traction control Light comes on. This happened as I was merging on to the interstate and almost caused a major accident, I cannot pull into traffic now because I fear it will power down as it did this morning on my way to work when I attempted to pull out into traffic. I Have taken it to get the "codes" read and I'm told nothing is showing. Well if that don't beat all. Some times I have to pullover 3-4-5- times before making it to work because of this issue. This car is not safe ! And from what I have read is an on going problem with the Cruze. I'm just confused how this happens and it not showing up at the service station.

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March 18th, 2017, 11:43 AM   #64  
I have a 2011 Cruze with 120,000 miles. the 1.4 turbo engine. check engine light came on about two weeks ago. Been off and on. took it to autozone they ran the code and said it needed a new intake manifold gasket. Took it to the dealer (it's been eating batteries, this last one lasted 8 months). They tell me I need a new turbocharger. The service manager commented that they've been having problems with the turbo. what can I do?

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March 18th, 2017, 1:03 PM   #65  
Posted By: cszjr I have a...
Say goodbye to it. Don't throw good money after bad!

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Posted By: bwelsh822 Hey Guys,

Coming here out of desperation...

Let me start off by saying that I have only ever owned Chevys and I have bought them all from the same place (JBA) and let me just tell you how fed up I am with my cruze

I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze 2LT TURBO with around 37,000 miles on it

Let me give you my history with this car, Not only have I done all 500 recalls that this car has had I also had my water pump replaced not even a year after I had the car (warranty paid) also, six months later in September I had to pay OUT OF POCKET ($1,600) to have my turbocharger replaced after I couldn't prove that I had my oil changed regularly (when I did) they made me pay for it and said that was the cause even though I KNEW IT WASN'T!!!! Now here we are 6 months later in March and my check engine light has come on AGAIN for no reason with no warning and my acceleration has completely dropped. I have ZERO coolant in the overflow tank and the code scanner is coming up P00B7 Irregular/Low Coolant Flow... Now my car is OUT of warranty and I have no clue what repairs are going to have to be done now..

I am completely done with this car. When the Turbo Charger problem happened I received ZERO compassion or help from GM Customer Service even though I have been a LIFE LONG chevy person... I've owned a 2000 Chevy S-10 a 2002 Trailblazer and a 2004 Tahoe all of which I had no problems with like this...

Has anyone else experienced these problems? or better yet does anyone have any suggestions on how to get out from under this car?! I'm almost positive I owe more than it is going to be worth and I have NO interest in EVER buying ANYTHING General Motors ever makes again! It really is a shame that they are allowed to put these POS cars out and than expect people not to be pissed when something happens!

I'm at a complete loss here people... I have never felt more betrayed and had in my life...
ReplacRelaced my turbo charger 2x and each time the dealership showed me the door with the same excuse about it being dur to inefficient oil changes but they were the only ones to ever do my oil changes and funny how my warranty had expired also. Now the coolant tank is boiling, if i remember correctly it did the exact same thing before the charger went out. Im done with Chevrolet.

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