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2006 Equinox, floorboards soaking wet

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2006 Equinox, floorboards soaking wet

I bought my Equinox new (less than 50 miles on it) in Feb 2006 in Vegas. We moved to FLthis pastDecember. I haven't had any major problems with it, just the battery dying once.

We received a major soaking from Fay; we've had rain since Wednesday. I went out to my car on Sunday and found the floorboards were soaking wet. I pushed on the carpeting and water just welled up. Has anyone else had this problem (with heavy rains)? The car was driven briefly on Friday, the biggest puddle it went through barely came to the top of my shoe, so it didn't come from underneath; that was the only time it was driven from Tuesday; and it was in a parking lot that did have some high water, but it was in the middle of the road (no where near my car).

I've been soaking it up with towels; unfortunately, I won't be able to get it cleaned until Friday, so I have to deal with the musty smell. I have the windows open now, Lysol'ed it; once I get all the water up, I use some baking soda on it. Any ideas on how to clean it?

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RE: 2006 Equinox, floorboards soaking wet

If its under warrenty, bring it to the dealer so they can pull the interior apart and find the leak and let it al dry out.Otherwise the best thing to do would be to either pull the seats out and get the carpet out to let it dry, or drill a small hole in the floor to let the water drain out. Be carefull when drilling the hole so you don' hit any brake\fuel lines underneath. I'll port a document on a known prolem for water leaks in these vehicles so you can check it out and possible prevent future leaks.

Water Leak From The Right Side Of The Instrument Panel During Heavy Rain Or When Going Through A Car Wash

2006 Chevrolet Equinox [/align][align=left]

Between VIN break points 66027135 to 66035604 [/align][align=left]

2006 Pontiac Torrent [/align][align=left]

Between VIN break points 66030403 to 66040620 [/align]


The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.
Some customers may comment of a water leak from the right side of the instrument panel when going through a car wash or during a heavy rain. The plenum drain plug was manufactured from an incorrect material that does not expand enough to allow water in the cowl to drain quickly enough.
Technicians are to cut two slits in the sides of the plenum drain plug. Refer to the attached illustration for the location of the plenum drain plug and for the dimensions of the cuts.

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RE: 2006 Equinox, floorboards soaking wet

My 2005 Equinox that has spent its whole life in a garage when not in use, is currently, as I post this,having the interiorgutted because of this same problem. I had it parked outside for a few weeks (due to some home improvement projects we were working on, we needed the garage space for the power tools, etc.) this summer/fall and then the fall rains started in early-mid October. I started hearing a sloshing sound about a week ago that I had never heard before. Finally, water found its way in to the floorboards, coming up underneath the front passenger seat. On Friday, I noticed this water and there was already mold forming on the carpet. It must be a design flaw. Our driveway is slanted, so the water went all the way back under the cargo area, in the spare tire well. Last night, my husband pulled up the floor of the cargo area and found at least 2 inches of rainwater under the spare tire. He drove it to the dealership where we bought it and have always had all major service done on it (though it is no longer under warranty, of course!!!). The service technician said he has now seen 5 Equinox's here in Renton, Washington, with the same water problem and it comes in through the area beneath the windshield.I am so disappointed! I hope that our insurance company may cover some of it under the comprehensive policy.

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Water leak

The Law Office of Robert L. Starr is currently investigating water leak problems relating to the Chevrolet Equinox. If you have information relating to water leak problems with the Chevrolet Equinox, please contact Robert Starr at 818-225-9040, or email Robert Starr at starresq@hotmail.com

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If you have a sunroof I use canned air to clear out the drains

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I too have the same problem with my 2006 Equinox. I am going to try the can air to clean out the drains! Thank u and wish me luck!

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Solved my leaky problems

I solved our leaking problems with body panel sealant and adhesive. I used it around both tops of the strut towers anywhere they touch metal. it has been 6 months and no leaks
I believe the sealant is called "6096" and it is very, very sticky.

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i am having the same problem with my Chevy 06 equinox. my VIN NUMBER is 66117135

water from sunroof, water on floor and water in spare tire bin

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I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this leak. We can certainly look into this for you. Can you please private message me your name, address, mileage, name of your GM dealership, and phone number? Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Erica Tiffany
Chevrolet Customer Service

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I bought my 06 Equinox brand new and have battled the wet floors since 2007 or 2008. The first time I took it to the dealership under warranty and they seemed to think that it was related to the sunroof drain, but the service rep was clearly unsure and did not confirm it was actually clogged.

From that point forward I religiously checked and cleaned the drain, but it has not helped. Every time we have a decent rain my floorboards get wet and the vehicle smells. Unfortunately, it is no longer under warranty so I have to deal with it myself.

Another strange issue, which may be related (I'm not sure), is the driver's side door continuously has electrical/sensor problems. The sensor has now failed three times. The dealership replace it twice, but clearly did not address the cause. It has failed again but I haven't replaced it yet. Same goes for the power door locks failing. Has anyone else encounter similar issues with the door sensor/locks?

I understand that things break, but the same thing shouldn't break multiple times without their being a resolution. It is frustrating. The local dealers service reps have always been great to me, but that only goes so far if you don't fix the problem.

It's about time for a new vehicle and although I like Chevy (have an 07 Silverado too), I'm not sure I buy another Chevy....just baffled by this Equinox right now.

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