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98 Lumina Serpintine belt/idler pulley

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98 Lumina Serpintine belt/idler pulley


So this is my first post. I have a 1998 chev lumina 3.8 LTZ. I started the to go to college yesterday and found that I had no power steering. Opened the hood and the serpentine belt had slipped off. Looked a little more and the idler pulley on the tensioner seems to be somewhat loose. Its off its normal axis is the best way i can describe it. Kinda woobles. And it does not turn freely. I'm guessing thats what caused the belt to sllip off. I was wondering if anyone has an idea if i can jus replace that pulley or does the whole tensioner have to be replaced. If that pulley can be replaced how do i get it off??? i tried to pull on it but it doesnt come loose. It doesnt make sense to me that if i can get it off and just shove another one in. I cudnt find anyting that wud secure it inplace especially whenit revsvery fast. I'm not very tech savvy with cars so hopefully this makes sense



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RE: 98 Lumina Serpintine belt/idler pulley

i was trying to look the part up on o'reiley's web site the part i can find is only about $11.00 it cant be much will prob have to buy one to see ,good luck

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RE: 98 Lumina Serpintine belt/idler pulley

I believe the bolt is accessable from underneath. It goes in from the back of the motor towards the front

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