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2005 Impala Horn

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2005 Impala Horn

I just bought a 2005 Impala the week before Christmas. Does the horn for this car really sound that weak? My last car was an Olds and it had a high and low note horn. Does the Impala have high and low note horns? Or is this something I have to buy a set of air horns for? lol.

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RE: 2005 Impala Horn

Hey, I have a 2005 SS and my horn does the same thing. I was told by the dealership that the cause is because the horn is mounted in a way so that it gets full of water. I asked them to replace it and mount it the proper way, and of course they didn't. The "cleaned" it out and it worked fine for a while. Now it's doing it again.


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RE: 2005 Impala Horn

Go to your local parts store and buy a hi and low tone horn, mount them somewhere under the hood or in your front fender and use the wiring from the stock horn to power them up

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