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Need to clear low tire pressure dash light

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Need to clear low tire pressure dash light

The dash light came on for "low tire pressure". I checked the tires and yes, they were low. I put air in them and the dash light is still on. Is there a way to clear it? I looked through the forum and can't find the answer.

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It might go away after several cold to warm start ups, but usually a dealer can clear the code.

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I guess it's a different system than my Escalade. I can add air and watch the pressure monitor change, the dash light goes out as soon as it gets up to the rated pressure.

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With the car running and radion off, hold the tune button in for about 10 seconds. The menu will come up on the radio. You scroll down a couple of options and press preset 1 i believe, then it should clear it. You might have to play with it a couple of times. It works.

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