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1990 Lumina

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March 17th, 2017, 8:35 AM   #1  
1990 Lumina

Inherited a 1990 Lumina w/ 71,000 miles in show room condition (Florida car) except for the front fenders.... would like a patch panel for the driver's side but cannot find.... Ebay seems to only have replacement fenders for 1995 and up which I assume it the newer body style??? I would prefer to weld in a patch panel for the curved under side of the driver's side fender... and finish it myself.... yes, I don't want to stick in a lot of money....

Also... if anyone wants to contact me about replacing the head gasket (never been done) let me know as well.... any/all advice appreciated...


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March 17th, 2017, 8:43 AM   #2  
I'd contact a body shop regarding an aftermarket skin. Even though it's that old, still would think it's available

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March 18th, 2017, 8:20 AM   #3  
Check the link below. $116.00 for a fender and you can save doing all the welding. Not that much money when you take into consideration the difference between a patch panel and a new one and the extra welding labor.

Aftermarket CHEVROLET LUMINA FENDER Texas | OEM 12513714 Partslink GM1240113 | replacement CHEVROLET LUMINA FENDER DFW TX - ISO Certified

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March 19th, 2017, 4:39 PM   #4  
Hi..... Thanks.... and yes, you are right, but this is not exactly the situation where I would replace the entire fender..... The fender, itself, is perfect except for the bottom two/three inches where it attaches to the bottom of the car and it does NOT show even now.... I inspected it again today and if I cut off another inch, I can use a flange tool to manufacture/fabricate a small patch panel, and attach it with a clamp or two to fit it perfectly, glue it, and then a few days later, weld the seam and grind..... and use touch up paint which I already own.... and yes too, I restored a 1927 Chevy basket case where I used the same technique fabricating my own patch panels....

I was also very tired the day I wrote this as I asked about head gasket replacement, when later I realized my mistake and of course, it is "intake gasket" replacement... I wrote to about 20 different outfits, from Craigs List mechanics to Oreilly approved repair shops to Chevy dealers..... the only thing they have in common so far, is that they all know what a car is.... and don't agree on much after.

Thanks again for the lead... I will save the link and if I decide to replace the fender, I will use it. But if I do, it is more than the cost of the fender... it also costs quite a bit to paint that new fender.... We did have a professional estimate for replacement about three months ago, and they wanted over $1000 ..... my patch? Well, the cost of the metal ($5) and a rattle can.....

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