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1991 S10 Tires

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1991 S10 Tires

My '91 S10/Tahoe Blazer 6cyl 4x4 has factory (litteraly - 38000 orig) tires. I think they are 205 75 R15.

Anyway, what is the biggest size I can put on before I get a rubbing prob?

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255/70R15 probably the biggest you can get without rubbing. Honestly, I'd go back with 235/75R15

You can actually do the math an measure off how big the tire will be.

255(width-mm)/70(% of width)R15(rim size)
Width Profile Rim
You have a 205/75R15, Which is 205mm wide, 154 mm tall.
If you get a 235/75R15, The tire will be 2 cm wider and 2.2 cm taller.
A 255/70R15 will be 4cm wider than stock, 2.4 cm taller.

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