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Blazer-ball joints?

Old  May 23rd, 2012, 10:16 PM
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Blazer-ball joints?

hi every time i go over a bump or un even pavement i get a loose clunking sound under wheel wells on front both sides. its gettin to the point where i feel it a bit under my feet. and guy in back seat said the same. the truck has definatly been used.

Old  May 23rd, 2012, 10:33 PM
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Get under the truck and check. Look for anything loose.

Old  May 24th, 2012, 7:20 AM
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1993 blazer T10 4.3 v6 "noise when going over bumps"lower ball joints?

Have you check the sway bar link?

Old  May 27th, 2012, 1:30 AM
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i.have movement left right up and down. looss joint movement. but not.sure which part specifically

Old  May 28th, 2012, 6:06 PM
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Sounds like it could be the wheel bearings going bad. Just a thought.

Old  May 30th, 2012, 9:10 PM
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your problem in the clunking is MOST likely worn sway bar links. BUT the left right movement when you jerk the tires is MOST likely tie rods outer. The movement on up down jerks could most likely be the lower ball joints. Either way your truck sounds like it needs the entire front end rebuilt.

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