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1998 Chevrolet Silverado Transmission problems

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1998 Chevrolet Silverado Transmission problems

New to the forums! Thanks for any support you may be able to give me!

My transmission doesn't stay in gear when slowing down. Like when I'm in 4 low and going down a hill and not giving it gas, it will just coast like it is in neutral. It does the same thing when coming to a stop sign from a higher speed.

Almost like me putting it in neutral when a begin to slow down for a stop sign. There is not pull from the transmission.

However it will start out in the correct gear when taking back off. Other thing I noticed was it takes and unusual amount of time to shift from reverse to drive. (3-5 seconds). Anyone know what i'm looking at?

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not sure if you have a problem...If you do then I think I do too lol...As far as being in four low and wanting it to hold you back I have to pull mine down in first or second to get it to hold back...Iam not a pro by NO means but I think they are supposed to shift up as you said otherwise going down the road it would be like the brakes are on all the time. Maybe someone with more knowledge then myself will have a better outlook as I am not 100% on that,As far as it taking to long to shift from reverse to drive that I have no idea about. When i pull mine back it takes at the most 2 seconds to kick in..Maybe your linkage???but like I said I am by NO means pro and not even close.

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