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2000 silverado 1500 emergency brake

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2000 silverado 1500 emergency brake

I'm buying a 2000 silverado 1500 to pull a travel trailer, The emergency brake pedal goes all the way down. (I don't know if it works or not, I didn't check that on the test drive). I guess there is a cable attached to it, so if the cable is broke how much of a job is it to replace it? Could it just be an adjustment maybe?

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There is a cable, but check to see if it works first. Emergency brakes on 99-02 silvys suck. Poor design and everything to go with it. The pads are in the back hub I believe. Easy to change, but if they don't work, that'd be why

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Brake pedal

You can push the pedal down and see if the truck will move. If it does the shoe(s) in the rear need replacing. Most likely the drum(s) will have to be replaced also.

You can buy just one shoe, they come one to a box. I had to replace one along with a drum/roter on my 2001 GMC, to get it to pass state inspection.

You will need to remove the caliphers and then the drum to check what needs to be replaced. The bolts holdng the calipher on are installed with
threadlock. You might want to heat them just a little to help break the bolts loose if you do this job your self. I was told that any of the threadlock products will turn loose at 200 degrees.

Good luck,

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Thank for the replies. I pick up the truck on Monday, I'll check it out then

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