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Clock radio stays on and drains battery

Old  September 11th, 2010, 1:08 PM
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Clock radio stays on and drains battery

I just bought a 1998 c1500. when i start the truck i noticed that my clock would reset and i would loose all my presets. so i check the fuse panel and noticed that there was no 10amp fuse in the radio fuse bay. i thought ok easy! put a 10amp fuse in and everything was ok, but i noticed that the clock would stay illuminated on the radio when the truck was shut off. i didnt think anything of it, thinking that its only 10amps and would not drain the battery. woke up the next morning and dead as a door nail. anybody have any thoughts?

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Well 1st off it sounds like the remote wire.
The remote wire tells the deck to turn on/off.
quite a few DIY'rs attempt to install car stereos and do the install wrong.
It has been a while since I have done them, but I think generally the
blue wire with the green stripe is the remote wire. The yellow wire is your
power source, be very careful of that wire. If it grounds out, ALL of your
electrical system in the truck could get fried.

Although it gets a bit more complicated if you have onstar.
Is the truck onstar equiped? If no, don't worry about it, your problem is that the
remote wire is not hooked up properly. If you take it to Fry's, Best Buy, or some
car audio place they can wire everything correctly for $40 - $50 which is
what I suggest you do because the DIY installer coulda done a poor job at connecting
the install kit wires, coulda left exposed wires, and it could be a mess behind there.

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this is a stock radio, so its never been removed.

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