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rear wheel bearing.

Old  February 22nd, 2012, 4:33 PM
rear wheel bearing.

I have replaced both hubs in the front and have almost redone the front end. My passenger side rear wheel bearing is bad, but I am going to do both of em. Can someone just give me an over view of how to do this and is there any little special things that i need to be aware of. I appreciate the feed back

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Those suckers are planted and planted in there TIGHT!

The easiest way:

Drop the oil out of the rear end, pull the C-clips and the axles. Yank the differential out. Take a long breaker bar and and a 2-pound hammer and knock e'm out from the opposite side.

OR, you can fight 'em with a slide hammer puller or a torch, which is a real PITA and have ya cussing into the middle of next week.


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if you're asking for opinions on doing the wheel bearings I wouldn't recommend removing the differential carrier on your own. Slide hammer hasn't failed me yet

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Removing the differential carier is asking for trouble, You will likely end up with a noisy re end. Ring and pinion runout should be checked if the carrier is removed. Removal of the carrier is NOT nessary to do!!! Use a slide hammer to remove the brarings, Wear safety glasses because the bearing can break while hammering it out.

If the bearing refuses to come out and all that is left inside the axle is the outer race of the bearing I have run a cold bead on the inside of the bearing race with a mig welder. Doing this makes the outer race shrink and pretty much fall right out. I have only had to do this a time or 2. Not very common for the old bearing not to come out using the slide hammer.

Dont forget to inspect the axle where the bearing and seal ride. A new bearing and a damaged axle will not last long. Do one side at a time and dont turn the axles when you have the C clip removed.

You really should get a manual and read it if you have never done this before.

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You did not state what size of rear end you have. If you have a c-clip rear end, remove the rear cover and drain, remove the center pin and push (one at a time) the axle in and remove the c-clip(s), pull the axles. Go to Harbor Fraight and buy a Rear Axle Bearing Puller Set. These attach to a slide hammer. Insert the puller and slide hammer the bearing and race out. Tap in your new race, bearing and seal (greased) and reinstall the axles. Replace the c-clips and center pin. Use a drop of locktite on the center pin retaining bolt. On your outer seals, I like to put a very light smear of blue sealent on the outside of the seal and have never had one leak.

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Thanks for all the all the feed back, tell you what this seems like b**ch, but I'll give it a try. For Gundog it's a 99 z71 which i believe has the 3:73 gears, but i don't know what size it is

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You have an 8.5 rear end which is a c-clip. If you pick up the puller set I recommended (excellent quality and will last a life time) you will find replacing the bearings a snap. I have done 6 of these and have never not had the bearings come out after several hard slams with the slide hammer. If they just will not come out.....heat the outside of the axle tube they will come out. Good luck.

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Don't put those bearings in backwards or the next guy will be cussing you.


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Sounds good, I'll get into it this weekend, i appreciate the help

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witch way

Allan In NE 
Don't put those bearings in backwards or the next guy will be cussing you.

so witch way is the right way? does the smaller side go in first. by the way it for a 2001 chevy silverado 1500 rear end.

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