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Aveo EVAP Canister/ EVAP vent solenoid valve

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Aveo EVAP Canister/ EVAP vent solenoid valve

I have a 2007 Aveo and Chevrolet says you need to check the EVAP Canister and replace the EVAP vent solenoid valve on a regular basis. For a common maintenance service for this vehicle I find it weird that there is hardly any information on this to be found on the web. Where is the canister located and where is the solenoid that needs to be serviced? What is the procedure for replacement? Some help would be great because I simply don't have the time to leave my car at a dealer for a day to get something done I could do myself.

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if your not getting a light, codes for malfunction, i would not worry. if it goes bad, then FED warranty on emissions is 8 yrs/80,000 mi

good luck

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Thanks for not answering my question. If you don't know the answer, please don't answer with information that does no one any good. There's already too much of that on the net as it is. I'm not going to wait until my car throws a code to maintain it and it has 84000 miles on it. So my question still stands. Does anyone actually know where the EVAP vent solenoid valve is and how to replace it? It requires replacement every 30,000 and I would like to do it before a code shows up. Thanks

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Hi malglot,

Welcome to the Chevy Forums.

You should be able to find the evap cannister by following the evap hoses from the top of your fuel tank. Generally the evap equipment is found by the gas tank up high, or somewhere at the top of the engine compartment, along the inside passenger fenderwall. Before you go ripping the old solenoid off the system, you may want to check at the parts store for price and availability.

Try to remember not to overfill your gas tank. If you do, you run the risk of raw gas entering your evaporative system.
You should avoid "topping off" to the nearest dollar.
If you get a heavy gas smell inside your car after you drive away from the station, it's usually a sign of a flooded evap. system.

And lighten up a little. desrtrat was only trying to help.

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Solution Found

I figured this one out but never got anywhere by asking anyone because each person i asked gave me a guess instead of actual information....big pet peeve of mine. Since I wrote the initial question the computer threw a code giving me the check engine light. The code I got was P2135 for the throttle position sensor. The car had started giving me the following symptoms and since I knew that the EVAP vent valve was about 30,000 past due for replacement, I knew that that was the likely culprit not the tps. My car would be fine if I allowed it to warm up fully before driving. If I didn't, there would be a loss of power experienced the first time I attempted to accelerate and then the check engine light would come on. If I continued to drive the car throughout the day, the light would go out after three warm up cycles and would drive and accelerate fine with some slight loping in 4th gear. Eventually the light came on and stayed on with code 2135 being thrown. Glad I didn't take it to a dealer and have them look at it because they likely would have replaced parts not needing replacement and still not solve my actual problem. I have read that often a single failure will often result in a code being thrown for an effected sensor even though it's not the problem sensor. I replaced the EVAP vent solenoid valve and my car returned to normal with no symptoms and no check engine light.
So here's the skinny on this. GM wants you to replace the EVAP vent solenoid valve every 30,000 miles or so. Why so often? Who knows but its location might be a clue. The valve itself costs about 25 bucks at your GM dealer. No big deal. Walk in-order one and in a couple of days you got it in your hands. The valve is located in the passenger side rear wheel well next to the canister which is not all that close to the fuel tank as it might be on other vehicles.
1. Jack up the rear passenger side and remove the rear wheel assembly. Support the car with a jack-stand.
2. The EVAP valve, because of its location, will be covered with all sorts of road goo. Clean this off as best you can to make removal easier.
3. Reach behind the valve and find the bracket holding the valve to the car, release the clip and slide the unit toward the rear of the vehicle to release it. Use the new valve as a reference to see how the unit attaches.
4. Using needle nose pliers, compress the spring clip on the vacuum hose on the front of unit and slide it back. Remove the hose from the unit.
5. Remove the wire harness from the unit and clean the filth off of it.
6. Rotate the vent line out of it's hole in the body and pull up on the clip holding the vent line to the unit. The line should pull right off easily.
Discard the old unit and replace with the new. Reassemble everything back in place in the reverse order of dis-assembly.

If you had a check engine light from the original unit's failure the light should go out after about 3 engine run cycles. Otherwise you can clear the code with a hand held code reader unit.
There you go. An actual answer to a problem!

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I know this is a very old thread but i needed this info as I am due for this maintenance work and Malglot answered/explained it perfectly!

Thank you for your shared knowledge!!!

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Thanks Malglot, I had the check engine light... Dealer said it was the valve. I bought one and replaced it based on your instructions. The maintenance manual sucks when it came to describing where this valve is.

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+1 Malglot. Needed to fix this problem for a neighbor and you made me look like a hero. You also made me laugh out loud.

Thanks for not answering my question. If you don't know the answer, please don't answer with information that does no one any good.

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evap vent solenoids do not require any service, ever. When they fail and set a dtc, replace them.

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tech2  evap vent solenoids do not require any service, ever. When they fail and set a dtc, replace them.
According to the 2008 Owners Manual it does specifically states replacement at the 60,000 mile/ 100,000 km interval....I am past that and haven't replaced it as I have no issues but it does state replacement.

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