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100,000 mile spark plug change

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100,000 mile spark plug change

My 2007 tahoe is due for a plug change. Dealer want 207.00, parts and labor. I think I'm going to try and change them myself, but I took a look under the hood and the plugs close to the firewall look pretty difficult to get to. I dont think I have the proper tools to get the job done. But I was gonna try to save money on the plugs, so does anyone have a part number or any info as to the type of plugs are in the 2007 tahoe with flex fuel. Thanks in advance.

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Have you checked owner's manual?

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Any parts store will have the listing for the correct plug. I highly recommend you stay with the O.E. Ac Delco plug.

Spark Plug Type GM P/N 12571164

Spark Plug Type AC Spark Plug P/N 41-985

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Shark: No I havent looked in the owners man. at all. I'll check it out tomorrow.

MDTahoe: Thanks for the part numbers, much appreciated. Are the part #'s you gave me for the 100K mile plugs? And does 200 bux sound overpriced for new plugs and labor at the dealership. I wanna try to change them myself, but Im worried I may mess up somehow and screw myself hardcore! hehe! Are the factory plugs platinum?

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factory plugs are platinum and that is what should go back in. The platinum plugs are not really cheap, the $200 bucks does that also include new plug wires? I can't really say on the price I am not sure what shops charge anymore. But just for plugs I would say it would be in the $150 range or so. If you are unsure about doing it yourself you might just want to pay the money. nothing is worse that costing your self lots of money when you only had to pay a little in the first place. on the other hand it feels great to wrench on things your self and fix it with your own two hands.

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Plugs are easy. I've swapped whole engines... $ spent on tools is returned 10x over.

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LA: The 200 bux is just for plugs only and labor. From what I understand my 07 Tahoe is distributorless so no new wires needed.

Sabr: I think I'll try it, but just not sure what size socket to use. There are sparkplug sockets right? They will hold the spark plug tight while placing them into the head, correct?

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Hi Typerod,

Welcome to the Chevy Forums.

I don't know about Platinums. However, I can tell you from personal experience, if they are anything like the " 100K Iridiums", I'd change them every 50K.

Sometimes a standard combination wrench will reach in and turn the plug where a plug socket and rachet wont fit.

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therewolf is right about the 100k Iridiums spark plugs good advice there...

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I did some research on this and I found on the AC Delco site for your vehicle the part number is 41-110. I hope that helps you. I know the others have been doing a great job of helping you already!

Jeff Morris, Chevrolet Customer Service

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