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2007 front grill removal

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2007 front grill removal

How does one accomplish removing the front two grills on a 07 Tahoe...without destroying them? Any pics?

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RE: 2007 front grill removal

Never had one off before, but form the service manual, it says to remove the entire bumper starting at the inner fenders. But looking closer at the picture, looks like you might be able to get it off without removing bumper. there are 4 screws along the top, and 3 clips on either side of the grill. You mentioned 2 grills....looks like it is a 1 piece assembly.

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RE: 2007 front grill removal

You don't need to remove the entire bumper........remove all the screws that are keeping it attached and then come in from the backside of the grille and you will see the clips that are keeping the grille on. Push the clips down, away from the grille and it will start to come off. It's harder to describe how to exactly do it in a post but you'll see what I'm talking about once you get started. Good luck.

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they don't come off

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yeah because its a **** to get them off.. did it when i did my billet replacement. bumper can stay on once u pull the grill forward gently to access the back you can use multiple flat head screw drivers to hold each clip outward so that you can remove one whole side at a time rather than clip by clip becuuse the stiffness of the grill will not alow you to go clip by clip to easily. hope this helps.

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did mine. Exchanged LT for chrome LTZ. Kinda pain in the but There is too many clips and be careful to not crack bumper at lights inside corners.
Took me about 30-45 min to replace upper and lower grill.
I was bitching as hell on monkey engineering

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