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Headlights stay ON in bright sunlight

Old  March 14th, 2007, 11:31 PM
Headlights stay ON in bright sunlight

Hi guys. I have a 2007 Z71 that was built in late 2006. I have the headlight switch set to "auto". On a normal day, the headlights work like I would expect, they come ON when I'm in a dark parking structure and go OFF again when in daylight. The last couple of days it's been very sunny here (San Jose, CA) andI notice my headlights are ON all the time. Does anyone know if this is normal? Are they programmed to stay ON if it is very bright outside and the intensity of the sunlight is above a certain threshold?

Old  March 14th, 2007, 11:44 PM
RE: Headlights stay ON in bright sunlight

If you are certain that it is the headlights and not the DRL's then you are having an issue, the system is not designed to turn the headlights on in bright sunlight.

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RE: Headlights stay ON in bright sunlight

Make sure something is not laying on the sensor in the front center of the dash pad.

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RE: Headlights stay ON in bright sunlight

I second what ZX said. The DRL's are pretty bright and some may mistake them for headlights when you see your DRL's reflection off the car in front of you.

Old  March 15th, 2007, 3:01 PM
RE: Headlights stay ON in bright sunlight

Thanks for the replies. Yes, it's definitely the headlights that are ON, the tailights and license plate lights are all on too. This morning it took about 20 minutes of driving in sunlight for the headlights to turn OFF and the DRLs to turn ON. When the switch happened, I stopped and got out just to check. Yes, the sensor is clean and unobstructed, I don't have anything on top of the dash.Looks like I need to take it to the dealer to get it checked out, it seems like it takes more and more time every day to switch from headlights to DRLs. Thanks again.

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RE: Headlights stay ON in bright sunlight

i wonder if the photo sensor is bad and is slow to react with cold temps, once it warms up it reacts....
its resistance could be varying with temp.

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RE: Headlights stay ON in bright sunlight

IfI sit too long in garage after start up before backing out, it will turn lights on like it's dark out. It then takes a long time to turn them off. A.M. sun is still a little low in the sky and the sensor seems to not read it as bright enough even though I feel it's pretty bright out. I've never had it happen in "bright" daylight though.

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