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If I buy a GM Tech II Programmer...?

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RE: If I buy a GM Tech II Programmer...?

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Guys I don't think that I would but a Tech 2 yet. GM is going to be replacing their diagnostic tool soon. The new tool will be PC based. It will consist of a VCI (vehicle communication interface) that will connect between the OBD 2 diagnostic connector and a laptop or palm pilot. Some of the 08 platforms will use it and plans are for all to by 2010.
In order to update a Tech 2 or to get reprograming info requires a subscription to TIS 2000. An expensive subscription. Updates are released quarterly on DVDs. They cannot be copied! The dealers update through dealer world on the internet.
what he said LoL. ours is also updated via the net, its a really nice piece of equiptment. and very easy to use. if you have used Any scan tool you can use the tech 2. you can even plug into the PC and print out your data.

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RE: If I buy a GM Tech II Programmer...?

Yeah, I knew you could print out data, that's why I was so pissed last week because they wouldn't give me a print out of the error codes.[] That's why I want my own.

It's cool I'm just going to find a cool *** service tech somewhere that will let me do what I want to do with the machine.

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RE: If I buy a GM Tech II Programmer...?

I bought one GM Tech 2 complete kit (including CANdi, 32MB card, 6 cables and adapters) 2000,- EUR at www.efichip.com
This is really cool device covering Opel, Saab, Isuzu, GM completely by reprogramming the memory card from TIS.

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gm tech ii user manual and latest version 2009005

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When I worked with SAAB 5 years ago, we were already starting to use laptops for any programming that needed to be updated at the port. We still used Tech 2 for scanning of trouble codes. So I would not purchase one either. Too costly for time remaining.

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Hey, this is my first post here. Our shop just purchased a GM Tech 2 a few days ago. Total cost = $5,020.00 Cash on delivery. That includes the latest software, Candi module & cables. Bosch does not sell the subscription (TIS) that is through ACDelco. Subscription price is between $750-1300 a year depending on what all you want. There is a few additional cables that will cost you a few hundred dollars. So to be able to program (In the first year total cost is about: $5970.00 and that is if you already have a laptop with a serial port).

NOTICE: BE VERY VERY careful buying Tech 2's off Ebay. Get on the net and read some posts from people who have purchased them. They are China knockoffs. They look just like an authentic unit but once you start using it they crap out. (Esp in programming & bi-control). You can search for Tech 2 china and see the exact same unit being sold on ebay for $1,800. A real tech 2 from Bosh (C.A.S of New England) cost $5000.

We got the tech 2 for programming & also Key Fob programming on 2005+ Can vehicles. If you have any questions please ask.

TIS can also be purchaseds for shorter periods of time if required.

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Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the info. As always, caveat emptor. Or something like that.

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The reson you see alot of tech two for sale is because gm went all laptop,and any aftermarket software you get will only go in to the system so far, with your tech two you can relearn blendoor moudle etc for ac/heat.You will also beable to get code, some radidos you will be able to unlock and some you wont. See we where using the tech two to pull veh info then remove the tech two and hook it up to the computer to down load any software,for reflash any module, or set these new radios with nav,dvd,back up camera and alot more.So gm went with laptop to make it eazy to hook up to the car or truck to upload any info etc,etc. And its all wirless they hook a senor to yor obd2 and work form the laptop on top of there tool box, what iam trying to say is you will be paying a lot of money for a code reader inless you buy acdelco software that runs up to 1400 a year that small shop use. Even when buying this software from acdelco it also will only let you get so far into there sysytem its there way of making you go back to gm delers for service. Some small shop will tell they have gm software and are able to do everthing a deler can but they cant. Hope this help luis

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buy this Tech2 ?

[QUOTE=TMW597;17581]I'm really thinking about buying a GM Tech II programmer. I'm tired of service departments not knowing what's going on. Sometimes I feel that I'm actually smarter than most techs that work in the service departments at dealerships. And if I'm not any smarter, at least I'll care more, and take the time to figure it out because it's my own vehicle.

If I pick up the Tech II programmer and the latest TIS software (Version 6.5) along with a 12-month subscription to the authentic GM aftermarket Expertec TIS software on CD-ROM disks, is that all I'll need? Is there something more the dealership has? Are they able to connect to a website that has the latest stuff, that I won't have access to, or will the 12 month TIS subscription suffice? Maybe even that subscription comes along with web access?

I found on internet here the GM TECH2
GM TECH2 SCANNER GM Tech2,GM Tech2 scanner - obdii-diag.com
Seem price are good ,i am consider to buy one for my workshop

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