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Knocking in sterring/front end

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Knocking in sterring/front end

I have a 2004 Tahoe, I am getting a knocking in the sterring/front end while turning. I knowthere was a service bulliten when it was under warranty, but I can not remeber what they did to correct it. I think it may have been something in the sterring intermidiate shaft??? And had something to do withre-packing it with grease. I am pretty handy with working on this kind of stuff, but need a little help on this one. Can anyone tell me were it is located in the sterring system and what the steps might be to correct the problem.


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RE: Knocking in sterring/front end

Welcome to the Tahoe forum. I just had my wife's 2004 Tahoe that had the problem w/ the intermediate coupler. Since it was out of warranty, I figured it would cost me $100 to $200 but since GM had come up w/ a new design, they did it for free. Said it was customer appreciation. I didn't buy the truck there although I did buy my '07 there. Don't know if you can get the same deal or not.

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RE: Knocking in sterring/front end

Do you feel it in the steering column? If so most likely it is the steering shaft. You need to have a steering and suspension evaluation, if everthing is tight it is the shaft (prove all else is good). I see this quite often on GM cars and trucks. The service procedure for the tahoe has been changed from lube the shaft to replacing it. There are actually 2 shafts when I called for parts on the last one we did at my shop the parts guy told me there is a bulletin for knocking on both shafts. He said they replace both of them,

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