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measuring cold cranking amps

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measuring cold cranking amps

Recently had the oil changed in my 07 Tahoe, and the service rep said that my battery needs to be changed because its only putting out about half of the CCA's that it should be. If I remember correctly he said the battery I have in the SUV now (which is the original) is supposed to put out 600 CCA's and is putting out about half that. I mean the truck starts up just fine, never had an issue there. Its garaged kept about 3 or 4 days out of the week. It started up just fine in the cold winter we just had.I dont have a great deal of knowledge of cars but I never heard determining if a battery is going bad by measuring CCA's. Does themeterhavethe abilityto measure CCA's?

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RE: measuring cold cranking amps

He could have used a clamp-on meter and measured the current it took to start it. I doubt that he actually cooled the battery down before making the measurement though.

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