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Oxygen sensor bank 1 in Tahoe ltz

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Oxygen sensor bank 1 in Tahoe ltz

I have a 2007 Tahoe LTZ. My check engine light has come on. I had the code checked and it says it's for the o2 sensor bank 1 sensor. Where is this located? Is it easy to access and something i can replace myself? Also, how many o2 sensors does my Tahoe have? And will I need to replace more than one or just this one? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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You have 4 sensors. Two for each bank. One pre cat and one after the cat. The code will tell you bank 1 upper or bank 1 lower. This tells you if it is the pre cat or post cat sensor. Bank one is the side that has cylinder 1 and bank 2 is the side that has cylinder 2 They are located under the truck in the exhaust pipes. If you don't access to a lift, you have to lay on your back under the truck. Some are easy to loosen and some are not.

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So there is 2 bank 1's and 2 bank 2's? Will I need to replace both bank 1's? I was told that if one sensor goes bad the other will too...also, because of the faulty sensors what sort of problems could I be experiencing with my Tahoe while driving?

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Welcome to the forum.

Yes there are four of them.

Bad O2 sensors will affect mpg and emissions.

I thought the DTC would tell you which bank 1 was bad. Can you post the DTC that the scan gave you?

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I took it took Advanced Auto parts. The tech guy wrote down:
O2 sensor
Bank 1 sensor
That is all I have. What other info do I need?
HELP! and thank you!

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I think that P0053 is sensor 1 on bank 1. How many miles are on the truck? They usually go at about 100,000 miles. When the first one went on my truck at just over 100,000 miles I went ahead and changed all 4 of them.

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Mine has 77k. I'm now wondering if I should just go ahead and replace all 4 at the same time..
Thanks for your info

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I (my son) just replaced one of mine. Took both out and checked them with a test meter.
Held it in the vice and tickled it with a torch. Light tickle produced = about .5 milli amp, heavy produced 1.5 milli amp so that one was good. Next one never got above .2 milli amp. So it was the bad one. $50 and less than 30 minutes work. I'll do them one at a time when necessary.

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Cost of Cenors Replacement

How much should I be looking at to replace all censors and does it have to be done at the dealer 2007 LT Tahoe. All of my dash lights are out. Thanks

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ACDELCO Part # 2133538
{#12590847, 19209815}

X4 around $200 in parts.
Make sure you go with OEM specs.
From experience I've changed o2 sensors in the past with aftermarket. And they never seem to work. When you use the stock equipment it works better and codes go away

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