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Transmission Issues...

Old  October 30th, 2010, 8:16 PM
Transmission Issues...


Need some advice from the people much smarter than me when it comes to vehicles.

We have a 2004 Suburban with 122K miles on it. This has been a fantastic vehicle, one I'm hoping to hold onto for much longer.

This evening my wife was heading to the grocery store when just a few blocks from my house the suburban shifted into something like neutral. She moved it into multiple drive slots with no luck. She finally shut the engine down and started it back up and with no luck, but when she put it in reverse, it kicked into gear and she was able to put it in drive and get it home.

I then took a spin and the same thing happened to me. This time I shut the engine off and it would not go into gear immediately. After sitting for a couple of minutes I then got it to engage and get it home.

Transmission fluid is fine (just had the oil, etc. changed yesterday).

Have I lost my transmission or is it something else?

any help is appreciated!

Old  October 31st, 2010, 2:50 PM
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its not the transmission itself. If it were it would not move. What it sounds like is a connection problem from the TCM with the valve body solenoids in the case. This is a dealer specific item I think you should address because it can be anything from :
1. failed TCM
2. bad ground
3. faulty wiring harness
4. solenoid control problem
5. Any or all of the above.
The thing is the dealer has the interface tool to activate all the solenoids in the trans. using the laptop and test in/outputs on the TCM plus other Powertrain codes and check for ground circuit resistance and all. Or it could be a software glitch which the dealer could reprogram or flash the memory.
Without seeing the car but seeing the high mileage I d say maybe a bad PROM chip in the TCM.
So make an appointment and pay the diag. fee to get an idea what what.

Old  November 1st, 2010, 6:22 AM
Thanks Racer X. I'll make a appointment with my dealer this morning to get it diagnosed.

Much appreciated!

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