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Traverse - Dead Battery?

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September 23rd, 2009, 8:14 PM   #1  
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Traverse - Dead Battery?

My Traverse is 10 months old. In the last month it has failed to start for no apparent reason. After three no-start episodes in two weeks I took her in to see the dealer. She stayed for a week. ...could not duplicate customer concern... I have found tsb's on this and it looks like I am not the only one having this problem. Are any of you experiencing this and if so, have you been able to get the problem resolved?
I hate having a vehicle I am scared to take off in at night for fear I may not be able to get back to the house because it won't start!

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September 24th, 2009, 3:29 PM   #2  
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is it a dead battery? or does it simply not start?

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September 25th, 2009, 8:21 AM   #3  
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When it does this, do you hear the starter engage or not? I highly doubt it is a dead battery if it starts again without having to charge it.

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If It Turns Over but doesnt crank Its most likely the fuel pump. Chevys are notorious for fuel pump problems. I had the same proble 2 years ago in my silverado had it replaced and less than a year later that one went out as well. It would work for a week or so then would start for a few days.

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September 28th, 2009, 5:25 PM   #5  
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There is a known bug....
On some Traverses- with Navigation I believe- sometimes it will drain the battery.
There seems to be an issue with Nav draining the battery.
I believe it is a software patch to correct this.

do you have factory Navigation?

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October 30th, 2009, 2:51 PM   #6  
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I have a 09' Traverse 3 weeks old. I also have had the battery go dead 3 times overnight. After getting it towed to the dealer and them having it for a week, they can't find the problem. They say the battery tests fine and there is a .03 amp draw at rest. Any suggestions?

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Bbrec69  I have a 09' Traverse 3 weeks old. I also have had the battery go dead 3 times overnight. After getting it towed to the dealer and them having it for a week, they can't find the problem. They say the battery tests fine and there is a .03 amp draw at rest. Any suggestions?

Tell the dealer its nice to know the battery tests fine, now tell them to fix your problem. Because their tech cannot or will not take the time to diagnose the problem and repair the problem correctly .... that should not be your concern. I don't know where you reside, check the qualifications for the state Lemon Law. For example, if a vehicle is in the shop for 30 (total, not consecutive )days with the same complaint, it becomes eligible for a buy back from Chevrolet, due to Lemon Law specifications. Laws may vary from state to state, but bottom line is this .... is is unjust for the service dept. to put the load on your shoulders if they are not concerned enough or intelligent enough to assist you AFTER THE SALE.

I speak with 35 years of experience with Chevrolet dealers as a Service Director, am now retired, thank God.


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Dead Battery

I've had my Traverse for less than a year. Over the last month, I've had three occurances whereas I've turned the key in the ignition to discover I have a dead battery. Yes, I'm sure the battery is dead. The last time I hooked it up to a trickle charger (which indicated it was 8' under dead).

The next time I used jumper cables and my husbands truck to get it started.

This time I thought I'd poor a glass of wine and write in this forum. I've had subaru's for the last 20 years - Really like the ride of the Traverse - but I need more reliability then this. Has anyone discovered "Why" batteries are draining? Is it the Nav system? Any info is appreciated.

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March 9th, 2010, 1:27 PM   #9  
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the one problem Ive seen- where batteries are drained--- is Lambdas (trav, acadias, Enclaves, outlooks) where they have Navigation radios- AND the park assist.
Sometimes people back in to a spot- maybe a garage- and the sensor is detecting something.
for some reason- doing this- the system and whatever else (radio?) stay on and drain the battery.
there is a software patch for this.... some report that this fixed the problem.

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Yes, Dead Battery

My 2010 Traverse is on its way to the dealership for the third time, yes third time getting towed to dealership. The dealership just put a brand new battery in the car 3 days ago after having it for 8 days to diagnose the problem. The only thing they could get codes for is low voltage so they replaced the battery. Anyone else find a resolve for this issue?

I absolutely love the car, I just worry about when and if there is a fix for this.

So, the car in know fixed. A short in the cable to the battery.....the dealer had a hard time duplicating the issue. I have had it back two weeks and it has started every time.

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