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Venture 1997-2005
This minivan from Chevy offers a sporty look as well as all of the modern additons of the minivan market.
Platform: U-Body

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Old 07-19-2007, 08:14 PM
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Default 2000 Chevy Venture intermittant transmission whine


My 2000 Chevy Venture has an occasional transmission whine. It also perodically will rpm beyond the normal shift point and then clunk into the next gear. Thereare no odd symptoms on downshift. If I pull over and turn off the Van, start it back up after a minute or so, it sometimes will be fine. If not, usually repeating the stopping nad restarting will make the problem go away. Anyone else have this problem or know what the cause and fix is?

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Old 08-05-2007, 09:56 PM
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Default RE: 2000 Chevy Venture intermittant transmission whine

Could be a number of things. On the highway, it is revvingaround or over3000 rpm? If so, the splines on the 4th gear hub are stripped. The trans is then stuck in 3rd and the pumpstarts whining. If it is making it into 4th gear, then the shift solenoids are acting up. Either way, prepare yourself for a tranny job, it needs to be dissassembled to fix. While your in there, might as well rebuild it....
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Old 08-11-2007, 09:36 PM
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Default RE: 2000 Chevy Venture intermittant transmission whine

Hi, if the van has high miles and the trans has never had a fluid or filter change you might try that first. If you do it yourself its messy but only costs you about $50.00 I think there is a national chain that specializes and they diagnose for free I think if you have them do the work.Your problem could just be the filter getting clogged up and after you shut the vehicle off the sediment drains away from the filter and then when you restart it goes for a little while. Clogged fuel filters act similar except the vehicle stalls and then a little while later it will run again. We bought our van used and I changed the fluid and filter. There is a magnet in the pan to collect most stray metal shavings but even that gets overcome and then it all goes to the filter screen. Ours wasn't failing as bad as yours but after changing it I could not believe the improvement. This is the major cause of most trans problems and if the damage is done then you could be facing a rebuild or replacement. Good luck, keep us posted.
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