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2002 Venture w/rear air temp actuator issue

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2002 Venture w/rear air temp actuator issue

Have a 2002 Chevy Venture with dual air. After replacing ANOTHER condenser front a/c was great - back was HEAT only. Rear temp actuator appears to not work. Removed actuator and the door itself moves free and smooth and now have cold air in the rear. The arm on the actuator does not move at all except when I plugged it back in it did move 90 degrees then not at all. Should I be able to move the arm? I say the controls work as voltage varies 0-12 volts at the connector while moving hot to cold on both front and rear controls. Is there any way to be SURE it is the actuator as I saw $120 in only one place on line that I could find. On our way to Florida next week and hope to solve before I put it all back together otherwise it will be a/c only until the fall.
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I think I see them at RockAuto dot com

for $25-$60 at rockauto, though I'm having a little trouble interpreting which part on the list is exactly the right one.

I'm having nightmares with my '02 Silhouette AC right now... one small garage didn't want to deal with it, and the dealer wants to replace the rear AC lines for $1600! (Got a kid in private University ... can't do it!) And they charged $200 to diagnose it.

Same symptoms ... the rear has blown hot heat since we bought the van used 2 years ago. That was probably the expansion valve (I hope not the rear condensor). But now there's a rear line leak so the front AC doesn't work either.

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BTW, were you able to remove the rear

interior quarter panel sucessfully without breaking things? How bad was it? I'd like to try to do the actuator myself and get the lines repaired by a mechanic if possible.

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