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Rear vent windows - 2000 Venture

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Rear vent windows - 2000 Venture

My 2000 Venture's rear vent windows (adjacent to the third row seats) have stopped working. I tested the fuses that are denoted as "PWR QTR VENT" and "CAN VENT SOL" with a multimeter, and they were OK. What should I look at next?

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October 17th, 2010, 1:45 PM   #2  
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Are you talking about the power ones, if so they may have just stopped working, you might need to get some new ones to put in.

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power vent windows

on the passenger side front floor under plastic sill and carpet there is a bunch of wire untape them look for 3 orange and a grey- I think. They need to be tied together. Just solder them. Seen that 3 times now

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