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05 Equinox P0054 Code....

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05 Equinox P0054 Code....

Okay so apparently I had a friend install the Gibson stainless steel cat-back exhaust and soon it was installed, went to start and I had a CEL. I pulled the codes and found out it was my B1S2 downstream. I went to AutoZone and bought the Bosch o2 Sensor and had it replaced, check engine light went off. 3 days later, before I go to start my nox, the damn CEL is on again. I went to AutoZone and had them pull the code for Free and it said it was my B1S2 again..but upstream. I went and bought the Bosch o2 Sensor and had it installed, CEL went back off. Get this, 3 days later, CEL showed up again, before I went and started the Nox. Now I am like, WTF! So I took it back to AutoZone and had code pulled and it stated "HO2S Heater Resistance (Bank 1, Sensor 2). So I am beginning to think, I bought some cheap *** sensors from AutoZone. I went ahead and purchased 2 new AC Delco o2 Sensors to replace the Bosch (waiting for them to be sent to my house, since ordered online). Also, I was told from the dealer and my friend who installed my exhaust, I could have a bad Catalytic Converter. Okay, with that said and done, I bought Magnaflow Direct Fit Catalytic Converter #49220. I only changed out the exhaust to help better with MPG & HP and it has worked great and love the sound. Now what I don't seem to understand, I only replaced the catback exhaust, why is it throwing a code? I have had other vehicles with cat back exhaust systems installed and never had a code get thrown. Hopefully with the new AC Delco o2 Sensors, New Cat, this should be gone..if not, I may sell and just buy new Any of you ever heard of this happening, or know anything about this?

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