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Gowolfpack83 August 21st, 2016 1:12 PM

2011 Chevy Equinox Exhaust Manifold Crack. Chevy said it was covered, but was not
I have a 2011 Chevy Equinox that has a check engine light on with a code for an O2 sensor. I took it to the repair shop where I get my oil changed for them to take a look, and they informed me that the exhaust manifold had a crack, and they recommended a repair this in order to see if it was causing the check engine light. I then contacted Chevrolet corporate to ensure that this was covered under the Powertrain and/or Emissions warranty. When I initially called and gave Chevy my VIN #, they confirmed that it would be covered by the Powertrain warranty, and even forwarded me to my local dealer (Hendricks Chevrolet) to set up the appointment. And while I had to pay a diagnostics charge at the repair shop where the car was, I figured it would be cheaper to do that since Chevy said they would cover it. Now comes the surprise. When I brought the car to Hendricks Chevy, I was informed by Eric in the service department that the vehicle was over the expiration date on the powertrain coverage by just under 2 months, but was under the mileage limit by 28,000 miles. I informed him that Chevy told me it was going to be covered, but he said that I would have to talk to Chevy about that. He also said there was be another diagnostic charge even thought we informed him what was wrong with the vehicle (which I understood) but that it would be waived if they did the repair. I agreed to have them look at the vehicle because I figured that Chevy would stand behind what they told me on the phone initially. The dealer looked over the equinox and determined the same, that the exhaust manifold was cracked. Now comes the second surprise, that when I called Chevrolet back and spoke to Kimberley, she said that she saw where we were told it was covered, and apologized. She was going to send to the dealer to see if they would do anything, however, she didn't offer any support from Chevrolet even thought it was their fault in the first place. Our case number is 82307602272 just in case anyone from Chevy reads this. When Eric at Hendricks called us back, we were told the best they could do was 10% off the repair. This was the third surprise and huge disappointment. We asked Hendricks to contact their local Chevy rep, which they did, and they offered no additional support. I don't understand how Chevrolet can tell you something and then not stand behind what they said. Had we known that it wouldn't be covered, we would have never moved it to begin with and it would have saved us a $150 diagnostic charge and Hendricks. Now to make a bad situation even worse, we go to pick up the car to take it back to the original repair shop, and it has a dead battery, which Hendricks didn't even apologize for nor did they make any attempt to persuade us to stay. After jumping the vehicle and letting it charge, we now have a error message saying "Check Power Steering System". So not only did Hendricks not do anything, we now have a new error message, and I bet if we take it back they would charge us again even though it is their fault. We currently have 3 GM cars in our family, but I am pretty sure after this experience, we won't be coming back. The lack of support and the fact that Chevy isn't standing behind something they admit they told us has cost us $150 in diagnostic fees and our equinox is now worse off then when we brought it there.

If anyone has had a similar issue with the exhaust manifold and O2 sensor check engine light code, I would be interested to know what your experience has been, as I am worried that there may be even more wrong with it, and I now know that Chevy sin't going to support anything.

Brenda Long February 28th, 2019 5:01 PM

2011 Equinox MANAFOLD
I have had my manafold on my 2011Equinox replaced TWICE! There has to be an issue with this model for so many to have the same problem. As loyal customers we need answers. Supposed to be a lifetime warranty on mine as long as I own the car.

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