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2012 HVAC problem

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2012 HVAC problem

I'm not really looking for help here, just more of an informational post.

Backstory: 3 days ago my HVAC controls stopped working randomly. I would press a button to redirect the vents (floor, face, defrost) and the light would light up next to the corresponding button, but the vents wouldn't change. It would also be stuck on whatever the last temp setting would be.

I took it to Chevy and showed a service manager. He wrote it up, and said they would call. Called later that day and said they couldn't reproduce it. Ok. So I left, and halfway back to work, it started happening again. I was able to reproduce it. So I turned around and went back, left the car running in the parking lot with the vents stuck on floor when face was selected, etc.

The service tech who worked on it that day came out with me and I showed him what was up. He said ok, now I see. They took it back, and called me the next day saying they can't reproduce it again.

I talked to a manager and told them the service manager and the tech both saw the symptoms happening right in front of them. So they did some research and said they can't find anything about this yet. So the best they can do is replace the entire HVAC controller module, which happens tomorrow.

So I will keep everyone posted on this, but just thought it would be helpful to post in case anyone else has run into this yet.

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