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1984 Chevy Van & Beyond!

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1984 Chevy Van & Beyond!

So, we gave our 1984 Chevy Van to a homeless man because he needed it and because it had several problems caused by a mechanic and he knew how to fit it...seemed like someone in need who could take care of our beloved van was a good move. However, now we need a van and we are wondering what years fare best for Chevy Vans (?).
We are going to travel the USA to promote a fitness program (two of us) and so we will be needing a reliable Chevy Van. Our experience here was that many mechanics do not like working on the "doghouse" and , in fact, one garage totally failed us...which led to us being in the mood to give the van away to someone who could fix the error(s).
We dearly miss our van .
Chevrolet is our van of choice and so we would greatly , greatly appreciate any feedback about the best years.
We know that maintenance is , of course, a factor in any vehicle's performance .
Assuming good maintenance, then, perhaps some years are better than others (?).
We need only a van with space for a bed and hula hoops and miscellany.
Thanks in advance to any who heed our call!

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Dog house is great because it gives you access to the back of the motor. I think your real problem is the guys you let work on it. They arent that good. Probably little Import mechanics.

Anyway they are all good years if they were well maintained. The real prob is body rust. I have found the larger the engine the more reliable probably because a larger engine can move the weight easier.

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