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Restoration cost 1989 G20 Custom Van

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July 27th, 2013, 5:24 PM   #1  
Restoration cost 1989 G20 Custom Van

Hello guys I am a newbie to the forum and would like any and all help I can get. I was wondering if any one would care to give me a ball park figure on a complete restoration of my 1989 G20 Custom Van. The van has over 100000 miles on it and has served us well. It belonged to a good friend of mine and was primarily used by him and his family for vacations and for our guys bowling trips. My good friend passed away suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 50 and his wife wanted me to have it so our group could continue on because he would have wanted us to have it. We used it for several years again on my family vacations and our bowling trips until I began getting nervous about going long distances in it. So now it is still driven but just around town. Well enough abotu the history on to the future. I want to do a full restoration new engine, drive train, body and paint and interior. I want to get it back to its former glory and to feel safe taking my family on long trips. The body is in good shape only minor dents and it has been in the south its entire life so no rust from salt. It has a custom interior captains chairs front and middle with fold down seat in back. I know this is a hard thing to ask with so many variables but I am just looking for a starting point. Give me a ballpark high and low figure. Again thanks for every ones time

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I would talk to your mechanic ,, have them do a full inspection and price what it would cost to do the mechanical restoration. then find a good body shop and get there quotes !!

in the end I could see around 20 grand all said and done , but still cheaprer than a new mini van

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If you are not doing all the work yourself...then a new van would be cheaper.
Just doing the mechanicals all new would cost as much as a nice 2 year old van. Add the thousands and thousands that will go into body and paint......

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