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For Sale: 1966 Chevy 327 V8 w/ 4-Barrel

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1966 Chevy 327 V8 w/ 4-Barrel

Selling a 1966 Chevy 327 V8, complete with all parts, pulleys, primary/secondary belts, spark plugs, needs only a thermostat housing and a few hours of TLC (parts not shown are in a box). Engine has been kept indoors for years inside of the orginal boat it was installed in. The engine is rated for 225 hp. Engine was periodically run during last 30 years, recently overhauled and reassembled and run 5 years ago in 2007. Oil is beautiful. All 8 spark plugs are removed and are in-hand. They have been removed in order to winterize the motor and allow for any trapped moisture to escape the cylinders over time. No rust. Typical Mercruiser hardware is installed on it at the moment. Boat is in excellent condition as well, on trailer, ready to roll.


Engine alone $ 3000 cash.
Engine and Boat together : $2500 cash (See!? Its a deal, I need this boat off my freakin' property!)

This is one of those occasions to buy something rare, thats in great shape from (me) a guy who isn't interested in the motor or boat. We just need it out of our shed for petes sake!

Email if interested. [email protected] or call 203-520-9341

And no, this is not some scam. This is an ad, and is my first posting here for the simple reason that I have a 327 in an object that I dont want/need. Lets make deal.

Motor/Boat is located in Shelton, CT.


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