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1986 C10 Silverado Short Bed for Sale..$1,850

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1986 C10 Silverado Short Bed for Sale..$1,850

A quick rundown of the specifics.

1986 Chevy Silverado, Dark Blue with Blue interior, 305 automatic with factory air conditioning, cruise control, and power windows and 99,658 original miles as I type this. Keep in mind that I currently drive this truck daily so this number changes daily. I am the third owner of this truck and it has been under my care for a little more than two years now. When I purchased the truck it had roughly 80,000 miles on the odometer and it hasn't needed much but basic maintenance since that time.

This truck is very straight, nearly rust free, and surprisingly original. Prior to my ownership the truck underwent a respray and received a replacement tailgate at some point (both performed by the second owner IIRC) Other than that she sits pretty much how the General built her. This is a truly unmolested example with everything looking pretty much how it did when it rolled off the line. The factory radio still sits in the dash and both the factory valve covers and air cleaner still reside under the hood. The truck drives well with good power and just a little blow-by (primarily at startup...it clears up in a few minutes) the transmission shifts smoothly and without any slippage, and she steers and stops like she should.

The respray is an old one and is showing it's age, but the truck still looks surpisingly pretty good when you clean her up. The body is in very nice shape showing only minor dings and a couple spots of minor rust. These include a spot of surface rust on the roof where the paint has begun to peel and an area in the passenger's side door jam where the factory caulking has come away. That's all... the rockers, cab corners, bed sides, fenders and everything else are original and solid as a rock.

Since I have owned the truck I have replaced the alternator and the virtually entire cooling system with the exception of the heater core. The radiator, water pump, and upper and lower radiator hose are all less than two years old with the radiator being less than a month old. (The radiator is by Modine)

Things a new owner would want to address in a restoration. Neither the cruise or the AC work (the AC compressor spins freely but the wires to the system appear to have been cut so I can't say what exactly what went wrong with it) Both power windows work although the passenger side motor is getting weak. There is a crack in the windshield and both the dash pad and seat cover need to be replaced (the dash has a dashmat on it).

This is a very nice truck which is perfect for anybody looking to restore a straight 'all there' example or it would make an excellent street machine. I'm asking $1,850.00.

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RE: 1986 C10 Silverado Short Bed for Sale..$1,850

Here is a pic, sorry for the quality it was taken with my phone.


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Do you still have this and where is it located?

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