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04 Chevrolet 2500HD instrument panel problem

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04 Chevrolet 2500HD instrument panel problem

I recently purchased a 2004 Chevrolet 2500HD crew cab 6.6 durmax. I have discovered that it has a problem with the instrument panel. When you first start the vehicle, no problems, instrument panel works properly. If you drive down the road 30 minutes and turn off the vehicle the instrument panel will not come back on. If you let the vehicle sit for a couple hours, no problems the instrument panel works. Also, if you only run the vehicle a few minutes and then turn it off, then restart it, the instrument panel will work. Has anyone had this problem or know what I could try to fix problem? I talked to the local Chevy dealer and they wanted to hook it to a computer for $69.00 to tell me whats wrong. I think it could be a relay or something. It seems like when the instrument panel heats up it won't start again until it cools. Maybe bad relay?PLEASE SOMEONE HELP? ANY IDEAS?

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There was a service bulletin on instrument cluster. I had mine replaced last year at GMs dollar. I have an 04 2500 6.0. It must be done before 70K or 80K miles if I remember. But it was a common problem with early 2000 models.

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