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1994 Silverado loses power and quits

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1994 Silverado loses power and quits

I have a 1994 Silverado 2500 4x4 with only 71,000 miles on it. We just use it to haul our 2 horse trailer locally for the most part. While driving it on a long trip, without pulling a trailer, it suddenly lost power. I was able to coast to the shoulder and then the "check gauges" and "battery" icon lights came on as the engine had died. I tried starting it up immediately again and it cranked but then died. I waited a few minutes and started it up again and it ran perfectly for many more miles and then repeated the same thing. It was a warm day but according to my gauges I was not overheating and when I checked the radiator it was not overheating but it was warm.

I had the distributor replaced with a new one and I understand that contained the ignition module as that is what my mechanic thought could be the problem. But it died on me again in the same manner. We let it sit for a couple of minutes and it started right up and ran perfectly the rest of the way home.

I want to haul my horses over the mountains this coming week and need to get this fixed. The mechanic is suggesting a new fuel pump but as that is very expensive I wanted to know if anyone has had something similar happen and can give me their experience. Could it possibly be something else? The truck drives so strong and beautifully all the rest of the time. It's been well taken care of.

Thanks for any help.

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could be a fuel pump Pump do wear out

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