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1997 Chevy 1500 spark plugs and fuel filter

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November 5th, 2010, 9:21 AM   #1  
1997 Chevy 1500 spark plugs and fuel filter

I'm new to the thread and to trucks in general. I want to change the spark plugs on my 1997 c1500 pickup as well as the fuel filter. I've searched the forum but haven't found a good thread detailing how to locate and change the spark plugs. Likewise for the fuel filter. Can anyone either help me locate the spark plugs and the fuel filter or direct me to a thread that provides this information? I know silly questions. I've done some of this stuff on an older dodge but not on this particular truck. Thanks for your help.


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November 5th, 2010, 9:53 AM   #2  
well the spark plugs arent to hard to find look on side the block you should see some wires goin in to the side of it depending if you have a v6(3 wires on each side) or v8(4 wires on each side) makes sure when u install them that there spaced corectly and if you hava an aluminum block i dont think u dont tho use aniseeze

as far as the fuel filter there on the bottom of the truck back around the tank follow the lines till u see what your fuel filter looks like most of them look like a small cylender before changing it make sure your gas cap is off or it will sif your gas out u will loose a small bit of gas but not much(sorry forgot to mention its mounted on the frame) after install it may not start up at first its comon

hope this helps

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November 5th, 2010, 11:01 AM   #3  
would be a good idea to spray penetrating oil on fuel filter nuts fow a few days before you try to change the filter.

also a good idea to buy yourself a set of flare tools so you do not mess up the nuts on the fuel filter tubes. bad news if you mess them up.

many times you ruin the plug wires when you try to get them off the sparkplugs.

be sure to buy only AC delco replacement parts, you will be much happier down the road.

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November 5th, 2010, 11:14 AM   #4  
I second the AC plugs, parts....
a fancy plug(expensive) will not miraculously give better performance or MPG

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I have always bought Champion spark plugs for my Chevy's and they work great.
The plug number for your truck should be Champion #7018.
They last a long time, are readily available and inexpensive.
A secondary option would be AC Delco plugs, also a good option.

You have a V8 so that means 8 spark plugs that will need to be replaced.
Stand on the drivers side of the truck with the hood open.
Look on the side of the engine that you are facing and you should see 4 thick black wires equally spaced
About 6 inches apart. Just pull the plug wire off and that will reveal the spark plug.
Whichever spark plug you took the wire off of, make sure you put the plug wire back on that same cylinder plug.
You will need a spark plug puller to get the plugs out, and you can attach a 13mm socket and wrench to
The end of the spark plug puller, make sure the spark plug puller is FIRMLY pressed in surrounding the socket.
Then just take the plug out (lefty loosey, righty tighty).
Once the plug is out, it would be a good idea to get some computer keyboard cleaner which is just compressed air,
and give a quick squirt into the plug hole to blow out any crap in there.
When screwing the new plugs in, only snug them, it only takes about 15 ft lbs of torque which is not tight at all,
just snug, then before you put the plug wire onto the new plug, blow it out to get any corroded material
Or any other crap outa there. And repeat for the other 4 spark plugs on the opposite side.

For the fuel filter, Fram will work fine (just do NOT use fram oil filters, they are nothing but cardboard).
the fuel filter is a little silver cylinder about 2/3 the size of a soda can and can be found undernieth the
Truck right by the drivers side door.
Just so you know, when you unscrew the filter gas will come out. More gas will come out of the back tube
Simply because that is where the gas tank is, so just put your finger over the tube hole.
Make sure you install the new fuel filter in the correct way and not backwards.
lots of times there is a lip on the filter, look where the lip is on the 1 you take off
Then install the new filter with the lip in the same place.
Some filters have a directional arrow showing you which way the gas should flow, but lots don't.
I screw the front hose in 1st with my right hand whilst keeping the back tube plugged with my left hand,
Then after I snug the front screw I screw on the back screw then tighten both.
And again, you don't have to be Heman to tighten a fuel filter either, just give each screw a good snug.

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November 5th, 2010, 4:17 PM   #6  
i second the ac delco plugs, my truck has just over 90k miles on it so its not quite due for its first plug change but i changed them anywhaz, the plugs that i pulled out were bosh platinum +4's so someone has put new plugs in it at some point before so they cant be very old. the center electrodes were worn almost to nothing i replaced with ac delco plugs and the truck is more responsive and runs better seems to be getting better millage too wont know for sure until my next fill up. ac delco plugs are suppose to last 100k miles.

i also just changed the fuel filter personalty i like wix filters its pretty straight forward though i do recommend using flare nut wrenches have you new filter ready to go so you don't loose much fuel, depressurize the fuel system in the engine bay at the valve that looks like a tire valve for checking fuel pressure. there still may be a small amount of pressure in the fuel lines after doing this so take caution that fuel does not spray you or spray in your eyes. most likely non will spray but i have had it happen on other cars before and gasoline in the eyes does not feel very good. some fuel will most certainly drip and run out of the lines though so don't lay directly under the fuel filter or smoke a cigarette while changing it ;-)

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