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2007 Tahoe Cruise Control Issues

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2007 Tahoe Cruise Control Issues

Hello Chevy Forum,

My dashboard has recently gone out on my Tahoe. Lost all the digital display for trip, mileage, etc. and my PRND321!!!

My auto guy wanted over $600 to remove it and have it replaced with GM part....I don't think so.

Found a guy that repairs them, and only cost me $100.

I have read several of the posts on my cruise control issues, and at the moment don't think it's going to be the brake switch, but I will take a look at that when I get home tonight from work.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I have checked fuses, although nothing is marked specific for "cruise control." I was also told sometimes when there is cruise control issues, you will not have tail lights. I have tail lights, so don't think we are chasing after that problem.

My switch lights up on the steering wheel that "activates" your cruise control to function, but while traveling down the road, "set" or "resume" does nothing. The last time I got it to work, I am pretty sure in the furry of pushing buttons, the "resume" was the last button I pushed and the little green "speedometer" lit up on the dash and it worked. No such luck since

Will take any suggestions!!! If my circuit board had to be repaired to get the odometer display working again, is that part of it, or is it just my luck that they all went out around the same time?

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