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2008 Duramax Exhaust issues - pls help

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April 1st, 2011, 2:29 PM   #1  
2008 Duramax Exhaust issues - pls help

I have recently experienced an issue with my truck. First the check engine light came on and then reduced engine power message. We are still on vacation and had to hold up for three days waiting for the dealership to diagnose problem. Said was a sensor, fixed it and we were on our way. 20 mins down the road black smoke started coming out of the exhaust. Brought it back to the dealership and they said the error code was the mass air flow sensor. They changed it and we were on our way. Drove 2 1/2 hours without issue and the next day no issues. i should mention we are towing our travel trailer. When we left the following day to continue on our vacation, the engine light came on and the reduced power message came on for maybe 2 seconds. No loss of power and we made it to our destination. Brought the truck into a differrent dealership and they read the code and it is a different one than previous but still to do with the mass air flow...We are hopeful we can make it back home and get this resolved.
has any body had this issue???What was the fix?

My real concern is that I have a buddy of mine who had the exact same issue with the exact same truck last year. (we bought the same trucks within a month or two of each other. His problem was never able to be fixed...6 months went on with changing parts, sensors and ultimately, the main onboard computer. Still no resolve...Had to buy a new truck!

I am still under warranty but am concerned as it is coming up soon.

Any help is appreciated.


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If your Duramax is a 2008 mdel, it probably has the diesel particulate filter (DPF). Those things can be somewhat finicky -- especially with the electronics, sensors, etc.

I'm not familiar with the Duramax in particular, but I drive heavy trucks (Freightliners, Sterlings, Internationals, etc.) with much larger Cummins or Navistar inline-six engines. All of ours that are post-2007 models are equipped with the DPF and we have had a lot of trouble with them.

There is a bypass/delete kit available for the DPF and it will improve your fuel economy, but that is illegal and you could jeopardize your warranty.

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Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what i thought the problem is stemming from. The DPF. The one fellow at the first dealership had made mention that the filter may be too far gone...I assume this would mean it would need replacing. It did not sound like something the dealer wanted to do because I think it is a costly fix...Not sure though.

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This could possibly be caused by a partially stuck open EGR valve. Have your dealer refer to service information document #2431185.

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