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94 4x4 Z71 front differential

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94 4x4 Z71 front differential

My front differential seals were leaking pretty bad so I decided to change them before I started using it this winter. I got them replaced and put the axles back in and had some issues with the right side going back in; with some force I got it in but 4wd didn't work and the axle popped back out. I decided to pull it again knowing I probably broke the snap ring. After splitting the axle tube from the differential I did brake the snap ring but also the shim was damage badly during the original install. I figured out the hard way that you should engage the 4wd before pulling the axles to keep the shim from dropping down during axle removal. My question is for those who know is there anything else I need to be checking to make sure everything is OK before putting back together? Does anyone by chance have a diagram of the front differential on a 1994? I bought new snap rings today before taking back apart but now I have to get the shim that is messed up. Thanks

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