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95 k1500, eratic speedometer then limp mode

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December 14th, 2008, 9:18 PM   #1  
95 k1500, eratic speedometer then limp mode

i have a 1995 k1500.... 4x4 obviusly. my problem is, on cold mornings, my speedometer will jump down to zero and back to whatever speed i am going eraticly for the first mile or two while the tranny will will slip into 2nd gear and back to the correct gear it should be for the speed i am going. so the truck thenb decides to go into "limp" mode and i only have 2nd gear after this happens. i can then turn off the truck for a minut or two and let it sit and then start it up and it will usually be ok for the rest of the day as long as it doesnt get two cold (i live in michigan and it's winter just FYI if you are wondering what i mean by cold)

i had the check engine light checked and the error that came up was Vss sensor error and some stuped one that only applys to carb engines wich doesnt apply to my truck.

i replaced the VSS on the tailshaft of the T-Case with a used one and it still had the same problem, i then replaced it with a brand newone and the problem still happend. so them i replaced the ECC and now the ABS light came on (witch would happen when the tranny would happen when the origanal issue) and now the tranny slips when i first take off from from any light or stop sighn and i dont have over drive.... please help me... i cant think of what else the problem could be!!!

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December 15th, 2008, 12:20 PM   #2  
RE: 95 k1500, eratic speedometer then limp mode

You may want to check the TPS, the tranny basically runs off that one sensor. It located on the passenger side of the TB.

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RE: 95 k1500, eratic speedometer then limp mode

spell check?lol sorry had two...

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