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Bluetooth and Onstar connection issues

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Bluetooth and Onstar connection issues

I recently bought a new Texas Edition Silverado at the begining of June. When the dealer was doing his walk through we set up my phone with the truck, Onstar called and set up my account, everything was great. A week or so ago i finally got a call while driving and noticed it did not go through the truck but just straight to the phone. After further investigation I am not getting any response from the "answer" phone button on the steering wheel. I also noticed that nothing happens when I press any of the Onstar buttons either. I spoke with Onstar and they have no idea and said to take it to the dealer. Also note that my steering wheel controls all work (volume, changing stations, cruise control), but the answering button just mutes the radio when I hold it down and no prompt for a command, just silence. So I was wondering is there some kind of reset to the connection or anything I can do, as I am quite busy and need my vehicle and not sure when I will get a chance to leave it at the Service shop at the dealer. If anyone has any input on here I'd love to atleast know what the problem is. Thanks!

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