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DIY Change Transmission Fluid-2001 Silverado

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December 25th, 2012, 8:59 PM   #1  
DIY Change Transmission Fluid-2001 Silverado

Hi, new to the forum. I'd like to change the trans fluid in an '01 silverado (4 speed auto 4.3 V6 2wd). I've watched some vids on youtube on how to drop-and-drain the pan as well as change the filter. Is this would be what is recommended? I really do not know how long it's been since the last trans service. (ATF is browish-pink) truck currently has 332,000 miles on it (yes that's corrrect). Thanks for the help.

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yep. Its due.

I never done a v-6 but its a tight squeeze to get the pan out past the exhaust on the newer v-8's. I think there is more clearance on your model year.

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