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Error Codes for 97' 1500

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Error Codes for 97' 1500

My motor was starting to get really bad. When I hit the gas hard the motor would just often bog down to extreme low rpm's and take a while to get up to speed. This isnt good. So my buddy just bought a computer and we plugged her in.

2 error codes came up:
P0101: Mass Air Flow
P1870: Transmission Component Slipping

This doesnt seem good. I did put in a K&N Cold Air Intake, but the tubing didnt quit fit good, letting in a tiny bit of access air. So I replaced the tubing with factory tubing so now im basically running a drop in K&N filter. I searched a little bit and actually found that this was an extremely common problem when K&N CAI meet factory MAF sensors. I will most likely purchase a new MAF Sensor, they didnt seem quite expensive.
But the transmission part is the one thats hurting me. I dont know if this could be a really bad issue. I do notice my tranny slipping, but after driving a long distance. This could be linked to the truck not getting the right amount of air and making it shift horribly; especially going uphills. My buddy actually had a similar problem and it was a $2.00 part that had to be replaced. I honestly have no clue.

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