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Flush or replace heater core on 04 Silverado?

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October 6th, 2006, 9:44 PM   #1  
Flush or replace heater core on 04 Silverado?

My 04 Sliverado has started to have a problem with the heating system.
When I raise the bars to get more heat it starts smoking or misting out of the passenger side under the dash.
The windshield starts misting up and I can smell the coolant fluids.
The air does not get hot but blows cold.
I went to a local trusted independant shop and they said probably replace the heater core.
My question is can I have a power flush done to the heating system, which may clean out the heater core, or because it's already misting inside the cabin, will it start leaking even more?
I just got the truck last winter, from the original owner at 52K miles, so it's out of warranty.
I've only put 7K miles on it since then.
I'm surp[rised that a 2 year old heater core would go so soon.
It is a W/T with regular cab, short bed, 4WD and the 4300 Vortec engine with a 5 spd manual. Bedliner, and an aluminum cap.
Should I have the heater core replaced or is it possible a power fluch of the system would solve the misting problem?
The heater worked fine last winter, and because the truck is an 04, I didn't think I would have to flush and replace the coolant so soon, even though it was over 50K miles. The AC has worked fine, no problems at all.
It was owned by an older gent, who was an ice cream truck driver, with a long commute each day, thus the high miliage,
but it has never been driven hard, by he nor I, and never towed.
The heaviest thing I carried in it was a snowblower.

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October 6th, 2006, 9:54 PM   #2  
RE: Flush or replace heater core on 04 Silverado?

replace it

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