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Help w/ Door Panel Removal For a 2006 Silverado

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November 14th, 2007, 1:53 AM   #1  
Help w/ Door Panel Removal For a 2006 Silverado

OK, I'm a dummy. I've looked through many of the topics and can't find anything that specifically relates to my question. How do I remove the interior panel (driver side) so that I can replace the door speakers?

I'm not really smart when t comes to this stuff, so if you can be as detailed as possible (and add any other things I should be warned about, or know) I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you!!!

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November 15th, 2007, 1:25 AM   #2  
RE: Help w/ Door Panel Removal For a 2006 Silverado

Removing door panels can be kind of tricky if your not used to doing it. First off, it's best to do this in a warm area, and the plastic should be warmed up too. Don't do it in your garage when it's 40 degrees outside. The plastic has a much higher chance of cracking. I just looked at my truck, and it looks like there is one bolt requiring removal directly behind the handle on the arm rest. Other than that the panel is held on on the sides and bottem with a series of Christmas tree styleplastic clips. The top of the panelslips into the window channel. Do not pryon the top of the channel where the window is. You will break it. A clip removal tool is best suited for this procedure. There are different variations of this tool, but the most basic style looks like a putty knife with a groove cut down the center to grab onto the clips. I like to start on the side of the panel by the edge of the door and slip a plastic wedge of some sort between the panel and the door as to not scratch the paint. Then you can take a flash light and find one of the clips. Use the clip removal tool to gently pry the clips out oneby one. You need to be very gental and use some finece while doing this so the panel doesn't break. Often times while doing this some of the clips will break, but it doesn't matter because they put in way more clips then you actually need. But replacement clips are really cheap if you want to replace broken pieces. Like I said before, the top of the panel slips into the window frame in a tounge and groove type manner, so once you have all the clips removed from the bottom and sides of the panel, you can lift the panel out of the window channel, and you can get at your speaker. Installation is reverse of removal. Hope this helps

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