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New rear rotors and brakes for 2000 Silverado

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New rear rotors and brakes for 2000 Silverado

My '00 Silverado 1500 4x4 extended cab w/54K miles just started squeaking and I thought it was the rear brakes. When I took it in for some other work, I had them look at the brakes. The guy told me it needed rear brakes and new rear rotors. They were covered with rust, were flaking, and looked like they were a hundred years old. He said the front brakes/rotors looked great. He said it's typical because the manufacture uses a really cheap rotor these days. He has an '02 and already had to replace them on his truck. I really don't do any towing. Is this typical? Is there a recommendation for what I should put on for new rotors/brakes? Is this something I could do myself (difficulty scale of 1 - 10)?


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RE: New rear rotors and brakes for 2000 Silverado

Changing rotors and pads.... If the calipers are not seized, being a 2000 they shouldn't be, the pads are a breeze (lvl 2), and the rotors are just as easy. Rotors are generally held in place by the bolts with yoru wheels. They usually slide right off.

If the caliper pistons are sticking out when you take out the pads, use a clamp from your local hardware store (handle looks like a gun handle), and compress them back in.

Swap the pieces, make sure you don't have any extra pieces left over (like shims from the back of the old pads - reuse them), bolt it all up, and you're done. [8D]

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