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Silverado HVAC problem

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Silverado HVAC problem

This is a long and convoluted problem, but I'll try to boil it down to the basics.

On a hot day (85-90 deg.) and after the truck has been sitting closed up for a while, the A/C will not come on when I start the truck up. After I fiddle with the HVAC control, switch it off and on, change from inside recirc to outside air, raise and lower the temperature a few times, it will finally come on. Then the A/C light goes off after a few minutes but the A/C continues to blow cold air.

This problem doesn't occur in the morning after the truck has sat in the driveway and the outside temp is cooler. Only on a hot day when it is shut up for 4 hours or so.

Also, sometimes after I shut the truck off the blower will continue to run even after the key is off and the doors are opened.

This is the 2nd HVAC control panel that this truck has had in 60,000 miles. Is there a fundemental problem with the digital HVAC control panel on this series ? The first one died under warranty.

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