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Steering Noise?

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March 13th, 2008, 11:17 PM   #1  
Steering Noise?

Hi, I have a 03' Silverado 4x4 and when I turn while moving forward I can hear a quiet bumping/knocking noise and feel it in the steering wheel. I visually inspected the front end and everything appears ok, power steering pump has oil, and feels fine there. Does anyone know somewhere to start looking for the problem? Thanks in advance for your help.

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RE: Steering Noise?

Welcome to the forum!

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RE: Steering Noise?

Welcome to the forum!!! Someone here will chine in and help, hang in there.

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RE: Steering Noise?

Thanks for the replies, its not a major problem but it is very annoying.

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RE: Steering Noise?

Very simple fix. You can do it. 95% (or so) of the time the noise you're hearing and the knocking you're feeling is the intermeditate steering shaft clunking away. The part that is actually loose is where the shaft is splined together. Over time the grease in it that is meant to prevent this from happening works it's way out, causing this rather annoying clunk. It's inbewteen your steering column and the lower steering shaft. It's removed with one bolt (15mm socket) under the dash and one bolt, also 15mm socket under the hood by the #5 spark plug. Keep the steering wheel from turning too much, because it could damage the SIR coil if the steering wheel gets turned too many times either way. If you have adjustable pedals, it's a bit of a pain to get it out, but it can be done. It comes out from the inside. If youc can't get it wedged out, undo the 3 tin nuts holding the rubber boot to the firewall under the hood and get it out that way.

Once you get it out, fully extend the shaft, take the horseshoe shaped bit of metal out of the lower end of the shaft, find some wheel bearing grease and fill the shaft from that end. Now you need to find a plug or some way of keeping the grease in. When that's done, push as hard as possible to push the shaft back together, thus pushing the grease up the splines and filling in the looseness. Re-install the horseshoe clip, as it prevents the shaft from getting squashed when you tighten the bolt back up on the lower end of the shaft, and re-install the shaft.

Remember, MAKE SURE the wheel has not been turned 360 degree's in either direction, as the SIR coil does not like it! You'll know if you've damaged it, as the SIR light will come on and steering wheel controls (if you have them) won't work.

Hope this helps!

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RE: Steering Noise?

Put a zerk!

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RE: Steering Noise?

This is a common problem , I have a 2004 silverado and back in 2006 I brought it in for that same problem and they had a special lube kit for the problem which it did fix the problem. Just last week I brought it back to the GM dealer for that same problem and they told me they do not do the lube kit any longer now they have a new shaft and I believe it is teflon coated instead, The bumping / knocking noise went away after they installed it. I do have a new problem , the same day I needed an inspection sticker and was told my tires wouldn't pass so I had 4 new tires an alignment , oil change and the new shaft installed. I was driving home and the steering wheel was vibrating and my seat had a slight vibration as well. I have been dealing with this issue now for a week and they cannot figure out the problem, they have replaced a couple of tires and rebalanced all of them and I still have this annoying vibration , I was wondering if it could possibly be the new shaft they installed ? Anyone have any ideas to my dilema..

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i have o3 silverado that is making noise when you drive slow. the steering wheel rattles. i got under the dash there is a tube that shaft goes through. at the end of the tube there is a plastic cup that keeps on rattling. i got some wire ties and pushed that cup up and now the noise is gone

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