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Trouble code P0054 heater resistance

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Trouble code P0054 heater resistance

Ok a short history of what I've done so far. At first I had a check engine light and when I checked the codes with a hand scanner I got P0141 and P0161 both oxygen sensors seemed to have failed. I replaced both sensors and the codes wouldn't go away. Further researching online told me about a fuse for the OS2 sensors in the fuse panel. Found a fuse had blown replaced the fuse and the P0141 and P0161 codes went away. However a new code P0054 came up which is heater resistance on a OS2 sensor pulled the wire connector apart on one to determine which one was the problem. I checked and now I had p0141 back which leads me to believe it's the same sensor throwing the P0054 code. I'm guessing I have a break in my heater wire for the sensor which is what caused the fuse to blow and my code reader to say both sensors were bad. I found a small piece of wire at the connection where I plugged the new sensor in it doesn't look like it's broke all the way thru but could that be causing the P0054 code to show up since a few wires are broken and I'm dealing with such small voltage and Ohms? I did pull the connector away from the frame and tried driving the truck a few miles after erasing the code and it didn't come back yet. But it may need to cool down first so that it needs to heat up the sensor again before it throws the code. Anyone know how much the harness fron the computer back to the sensor costs? Or opinions on whether I'm even looking in the right place?

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